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Curieuse at Raffles Seychelles

Easily accessible via a 10 minute taxi boat ride from Raffles Seychelles, the island of Curieuse is celebrated as the home of almost 500 Aldabra giant tortoises. Amongst the largest in the world, similar in size to the famous Galápagos giant tortoise, its carapace (shell) averages 105 cm (41 in) in length with an average weight of 120 kg (260 lb).

In 1979, the island was named a Marine National Park to protect the native wildlife, and guests can discover this first hand by trekking along the nature trail to lush green mangroves, Coco de Mer palms, giant Takamaka trees, and a population of large humphead parrotfish, growing upwards to 1.2 metres in length.

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