Raffles Spa Bridal Hammam

Raffles Spa Bridal Hammam at Raffles Istanbul
We know excitement builds up during pre-wedding days. Why not come to enjoy Raffles Spa Bridal Hammam, have fun with up to 15 of your close friends and relieve yourself of all the stress? This unique experience includes food and beverage selections as well as your choice of a 15-minute express treatment of a hand massage, foot massage or hamam.

Offer Includes

Offer includes your choice of food and beverage options such as;

’’Dolma’’ Stuffed Vine Leaves
Hummus” Chickpea puree with Tahini
’’Kısır’’ Crack Wheat Salad with Tomato and Herbs
’’İçli Köfte’’ Bulghur Patties filled with Minced Meat
’’Peynirli Su Böreği’’ Phyllo Pastry witch Cheese
’’Gözleme’’ Small Pastries filled with Potato and Herbs
‘‘Lokum’’ Selection of Turkish Delights
Fıstıklı Baklava” Pistachio Baklava
Burma Kadayıf” Kataifi stuffed with Pistachio
Muhallebi” Milk Pudding
Sun Dried fruits and selection of nuts
Selection of Seasonal Fruits
Tea & Coffee, Fresh Juices, Lemonade & Bridal Sherbet

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