Raffles Spa Boutique

Raffles Spa has a dedicated retail space which offers luxurious offerings including professional spa products, authentic gifting ideas and much more. Come and visit us on the 2nd floor.


  • Gazelli products which are available only in Raffles Spa in Turkey, is a unique and innovative brand with the purity of science and professional skincare at its heart. The scientific core of the brand is surrounded by a world of education, diagnostics and realistic advice and a distinctly unique style of service that leaves the customer charmed and captivated.

  • The Organic Pharmacy products infuse your skin with carefully formulated organic skin care, packed with potent organic plant extracts, vitamins and cosmeceuticals to transform your skin and deliver outstanding results, for healthy, radiant, glowing skin.

  • Haremlique’s collections include a range of bed linens made from 100% Egyptian cotton, a complete set of bath linens ranging from towels to bathrobes to peştemals (traditional Turkish cloth towels), as well as a sleepwear line, scented candles, soaps and other accessories of a thoughtful nature.

  • is an independent brand based in London that offers luxury designer swimwear for women. Designs with grasp the pulse of fashion trends, and implementing the “perfection is in the details” concept, fashion, and the rich taste of luxury swimwear to show MOEVA irresistible modern.

  • Zador soaps are made with water from Europe's largest hot water lake; Hévíz. Each soap has a remarkable skin cleansing & purifying quality due to the lake's high mineral content.