Raffles Mooncakes Collection

Introducing the many faces of mooncakes

Popular in China since the Zhou Dynasty, mooncakes are traditionally used to celebrate both the full moon and the autumn harvest – and this season’s collection from Raffles Patisserie includes the classic favourites. Our date mooncake is stuffed with delicious pecan nuts and velvety-smooth mandarin lotus paste; there’s also the silky White Lotus Egg Yolk mooncake, the sweetly fragrant Pandan mooncake, and the red bean mooncake with a surprise black sesame twist. Small, indulgent and highly shareable.

From IDR 900,000
Mooncake Collections
Lotus Box with four mooncakes: IDR 900,000 net per box
Raffles Box with six mooncakes: IDR 1,100,000 net per box