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Jeddah is a city situated in the midway of the Eastern coast of the Red Sea. The city is the capital of economy and tourism of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Jeddah’s population exceeds 3.5 million people thus making Jeddah the second largest city in Saudi Arabia after the country’s capital Riyadh.

Jeddah is a contemporary business hub. It is the largest port on the Red Sea. Resorts, beaches and outdoor artworks form the Cornishe, a seafront walkway. It is also a gateway for pilgrims to the cities of Makkah and Madinah, the holiest places in Islam.

On a visit to Jeddah don’t forget to check the numerous shopping malls. The vast variety of choices includes apparel shops, tub stores, jewellery, food and any other outlets.

In the heart of Jeddah you will find a fairly tumbledown-looking sites of Al-Balad. Over there you will discover historical buildings made of corals. They were constructed from the reefs of the Red Sea and most of them are still in use. Al-Balad used to be the centre of Jeddah and it still houses many traditional souqs (markets) which are worth visiting.

One of other must-visit places is King Fahd’s Fountain also known as the Jeddah Fountain. It is the tallest fountain among its kind in the world. The fountain was presented to the city of Jeddah by King Fahd and was launched in 1985. The water jetted by the fountain reaches the height of more than 260 m above the sea level. The fountain can be spotted through Jeddah neighbourhood and is definitely worth to visit.

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