Terms and Conditions

Raffles electronic and physical Gift Cards are redeemable against any direct hotel charges managed by Raffles Hotels & Resorts at time of redemption. Please note that Raffles Gift Cards can also be redeemed at Raffles owned and operated golf courses, Raffles owned and operated food & beverage outlets, Raffles owned and operated spas and any other outlet pertaining to Raffles Hotels & Resorts.

Raffles electronic Gift Cards are available for purchase online at https://www.buyatab.com/custom/raffles/ in U.S. Dollars or Euros. Raffles plastic Gift Cards may be purchased directly at any Raffles Hotels & Resorts location in local currency. If redeemed at a hotel or resort where the local currency is other than the currency in which the gift card was purchased, the gift card terminal will seek the current exchange rate powered by Oanda to calculate the current value of the gift card.

Raffles Gift Cards may be combined with other forms of payment. Guest charges in excess of the gift card's stored value may be settled with cash or major credit card. Raffles Gift Cards are not exchangeable for cash and have no value unless redeemed.

Raffles Hotels & Resorts is not responsible for lost, stolen or destroyed cards. To protect the gift card balance, please ensure that it is registered online at https://cws.givex.com/cws4.0/fairmontraffles/. When notified that a gift card has been lost, stolen or destroyed, the existing balance will be frozen and a replacement card will be issued for that amount. Prior to notification, any use of the card is at your risk.

Use of this Card constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. Raffles Hotels & Resorts reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.

Return Policy

We are sorry, but Raffles Hotels & Resorts gift cards purchased either online or at our hotels or resorts cannot be returned.

Gift Card Purchases

The gift card is not guaranteed by Raffles Hotels & Resorts where the gift card has been purchased from someone other than Raffles Hotels & Resorts or an affiliated source.