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Praslin is the second largest granite island of Seychelles, about 40km from the main island of Mahé. Located four degrees south of the equator and approximately 1,800 km from the east coast of the African continent, the Seychelles encompasses a total of 115 islands, with 43 granitic Inner Islands and 72 coral atoll and reef islets that form the Outer Islands cluster.

Time Zone

The Seychelles is four hours ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in winter and three hours during summer.


The Seychelles enjoys a warm tropical climate throughout the year, making it a perfect destination all year round, with temperature in the range of 24 to 32 degrees Celsius. The weather is influenced by two main trade winds: Southeast - Comfortable and cool (June to September) Northwest - Tropical showers with high temperatures (End of November to February) Intermediate season - Dry with high temperatures (March to May and October to November).


The multi-ethnic population of Seychelles is reflected by the harmonious mix of diverse cultures, with its early ancestors including British and French seamen, freed African slaves, Indians, Chinese, or Arab merchants. It is almost impossible to describe a typical Seychellois but they all share a gentle and warm nature.


Creole, English and French are the official languages of the Seychelles and are widely spoken throughout the country.

Currency & Exchange

The official currency of the Seychelles is known as the "Seychelles Rupee" (SCR). The banknotes are in denominations of SCR 10, 25, 50, 100 and 500, and coins of 5, 10, 25 cents, as well as 1 and 5 SCR.

Credit Card

MasterCard / Access and Visa cards are widely accepted at most hotels, restaurants and car hire services. Diners Club and American Express cards are honored to a lesser extent. Shops and boutiques accepting credit cards will typically display the relevant card logo on their doors or windows. Automated Teller Machines are available at major banks on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue and at the airport on Mahé and Praslin. These machines provide cash in local currency; Seychelles Rupees (SCR).


90 percent of the population in the Seychelles is predominantly Roman Catholic. However, there are also Protestant and Anglican churches, along with Islam, Hindu, Bahai and other religious communities and places of worship found on the islands.


It is common for tourists to hire private cars as a mode of transportation. Driving is on the left hand side of the roads and the speed limit is 40 to 60 km/h. A valid international driving license is required for any car rental.

Public Transportation

Reliable air-conditioned taxis and scheduled bus services are readily available on both Mahé and Praslin. Always check with the resort concierge on the expected taxi fare to avoid over-charging.


The islands of Seychelles are free from hazardous tropical diseases. Water from the tap is safe for drinking and bottle water is available.


The electric current used in Seychelles is 240 volts AC, with the standard three-point square-pin plugs.

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