Soirées, Sojourns & Stories by Raffles

  • Soirées, Sojourns & Stories by Raffles is a fascinating book which plunges readers into history.
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Soirées, Sojourns & Stories by Raffles highlights our luminous past and the iconic guests that fuel our reputation. It is the definitive brand biography told by the writer Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni – the renowned author and expert in lifestyle, travel and luxury. It is a must-read for devotees of luxury, glamour and travel. It is also an encapsulation of the Raffles spirit today and tomorrow. For ours is an enduring story, one that continues.

The essence of Raffles

When Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni started to write Soirées, Sojourns & Stories by Raffles, she knew she was taking readers on a journey through both time and place. Time tells of the ‘Golden Age of Travel’ through to present day. Great writers, stars, politicians and royalty choosing to reward their status with Raffles’ iconic service and elegance. Place tells of our global presence. Paris, Seychelles, Istanbul and beyond. We welcome the well travelled around the world in a genuine embrace with local culture.

Released on the 20th November 2018, the book can be discovered online, in Raffles hotels and at the Rizzoli bookstore.