Located in the courtyard of the hotel, where separated from the bustling metropolis by the historic facade of the building, Pavilion is a perfect hidden oasis and a place to unwind during long summer evenings. Already at the entrance to Pavilion, an atmosphere of an enchanted garden evokes summer afternoon escapades and taste for delicious seasonal cocktails. The ubiquitous flora of the Pavilion is also reflected and championed in the menu, dominated by signature cocktails inspired by the summer garden with the addition of herbs and flowers. Guests will also be able to taste specially selected wines, champagnes, and light appetizers. Every Sunday this welcoming and intimate garden is sure to become a gathering spot for a refined afternoon meal. Afternoon Tea in Pavilion is a feast of vibrant colours of a dessert buffet offering a selection of delicious cakes, puddings and macaroons, all to be complimented with a glass of a well-chilled champagne and discreet background music.

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Afternoon Tea
3 PM - 6 PM

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