An immersive and intimate tasting experience

Step into Mauro Colagreco's ‘chef’s table’, an immersive private dining experience in which the plate is transformed into a picture before your eyes, and the authentic flavours of the tasting menu dance with all the vibrancy of an Elizabethan pageant. From a theatrical open kitchen comes a cavalcade of dishes, exquisitely crafted from nature's purest garden. Invite up to 20 guests for an intimate event or special occasion, where each culinary episode is elevated by perfect pairings from our innovative wine list.


Our inspiration

The Knotted Garden

Mauro's Table is a culinary experience inspired by the biodiversity of the royal family’s curious Knotted Garden. The cycle of nature dictates the rhythm of the menu, and all its produce is selected in collaboration with gardeners, breeders and farmers. In his essay ‘Of Garden’, Sir Francis Bacon, chancellor of England and garden designer during the reign of Elizabeth I, suggests that gardens should be planted so that there is always something green, regardless of the season, and goes on to list his suggestions on plants that produce pleasant scents and bear fruit with extraordinary flavours. Chef Colagreco and his team have been inspired by this sensory walk and will take you on a discovery of the scents and colours of the flower garden, the kitchen garden for herbs and roots, the simple garden where herbs with medicinal properties are grown, and the orchard.

A sensory approach to plants

Raffles London at The OWO - United Kingdom

Table rituals

The first sensory approach to plants during a Mauro’s Table experience takes place with the ceremonial hand washing when all guests are seated at the table. A home-made fragrance of wild thyme essence with antibacterial properties is applied to the hands via a special diffuser. Thyme has been cultivated in England since before the 16th century and there are three native species in Britain, while French thyme has narrower grey-green leaves and a slightly sweeter flavour. The Elizabethans appreciated the scent of what we consider to be humble flowers. They loved thyme, lavender, marjoram, mint and lemon balm, believing that these herbs refreshed the head, stimulated the memory and warded off the plague. 



Art, poetry and ritual come together in this beautiful tasting experience rooted in the garden's effervescent universe.


An intimate space for 20 diners with a dramatic open show kitchen, Mauro's Table is on the ground floor in one of the rounded corners of the building, overlooking Whitehall, London's most powerful address.


Let the aromas and flavours of the royal garden guide you through our kitchen, to our gastronomic soul: the earth and its fruits.