sparklıng raffles brunch

Legendary Raffles Brunch is back

Sparkling Raffles Brunch, a culinary delight that has become a Sunday staple, is now set to enchant our guests in its fresh location. Renowned for its magical ambience and luxurious service, our brunch promises an extraordinary gastronomic journey for you.

The revamped Raffles Brunch is set to tantalise taste buds with an extensive selection of delectable offerings, drawing inspiration from the culinary excellence of İsokyo and Rocca Grill & Terrace. From fresh seafood to expertly grilled delicacies, İsokyo's signature dishes, enticing breakfast options and wholesome snacks, brunch is a sensational culinary experience. Each Sunday, our talented chefs craft fresh buffets featuring delightful flavours from various cuisines, aiming to astonish your taste buds.

A sparkling touch awaits you as you savour your Sundays with fine sparkling wine complementing our new and diverse menu. Also, we extend a warm welcome to our guests, creating an elegant and entertaining atmosphere with the enchanting notes of the Ata Marin Band.

Kids aged 6-12 can partake in engaging workshops during the brunch, enjoying a delightful Sunday with a 50% discount.

Sparkling Raffles Brunch is scheduled every Sunday from 12.00 pm to 3.30 pm.