Raffles Europejski Warsaw

More than 160 years since its 19th century heyday, Hotel Europejski as Raffles Europejski Warsaw takes its place once again at the heart of Poland’s proud capital city. It’s a hotel full of stories. A building with soul. A place that has stayed in hearts and memories, even as the shape and fortunes of the city around it have changed.

Breakaway in Warsaw

Poland’s capital City, Warsaw is unique. With its diverse architecture, from restored Gothic to contemporary glass and steel, the vibrant city reflects its rich, tumultuous past and strong spirit.

At the heart of Warsaw
Raffles Europejski is the perfect place from which to explore this diverse, vibrant city.
Europejski Grill
Signature restaurant with bold blues and whites reference typical Polish pottery.
Raffles Spa
Revitalising Oasis
Discover exclusive treatments, inspired by Asian, Middle Eastern and European traditions.
Raffles Europejski Warsaw

Krakowskie Przedmieście 13,

00-071 Warsaw, Poland


Raffles Instant

Raffles Europejski Warsaw is a legend in which you are invited to play a main role. Discover some of the lastest chapters in its history.