Raffles Europejski Warsaw

More than 160 years since its 19th-century heyday, Hotel Europejski as Raffles Europejski Warsaw takes its place once again at the heart of Poland’s proud capital city. It’s a hotel full of stories. A building with soul. A place that has stayed in hearts and memories, even as the shape and fortunes of the city around it have changed.

The feeling is welcoming and intimate – a real home from home. Service is personal and thoughtful, with care in every detail. Here every guest feels understood, valued and connected, both to the hotel and the city. References to Warsaw echo throughout the interior, celebrating the building, its history and its place in the world.

Here the artistic identity of Poland is reflected and championed; the traditions of the past are reinvented in the spirit of understated modern luxury. Here is the restoration of a cherished icon, a place where stories – both old and new – are told.

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Raffles Europejski Warsaw

Krakowskie Przedmieście 13,

00-071 Warsaw, Poland


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Raffles Europejski Warsaw is a legend in which you are invited to play the main role. Discover some of the latest chapters in its history.

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