Raffles Seychelles is located on the beautiful north-eastern tip of Praslin, the second largest granite island in the Seychelles.

Breakaway in Seychelles

One of the world’s most far flung destinations, nestled in the Indian Ocean, the island of Praslin is the launch point for a myriad of activities and home to natural wonders such as amazing UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Praslin's Secrets
Located on the prestigious shores of Anse Takamaka, mere moments away from pardise's most unique offerings
Taste the islands
Discover the unrivalled catches of the Indian Ocean - Raffles Seychelles
Seychelles Life
Island Hopping
Discover the true essence of living an island life with 115 islands at your fingertips
Raffles Seychelles

Anse Takamaka

Seychelles Praslin, Seychelles


Raffles Instant

Raffles is a legend in which you are invited to play a central role. Discover some of the lastest chapters in the story

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