Meet the Giant Aldabra Tortoises

Some of the oldest natives of the islands reside at Raffles

The Seychelles’ isolated location in the middle of the Indian Ocean has given the archipelago a high level of endemism – and one of its most unique creatures is the Aldabra giant tortoise. Found on only a handful of islands and atolls, these prehistoric giants can live as long as 120 years.

Our contribution to conserving this Seychelles icon is rescuing 11 adults and two baby giant Aldabra tortoises who now live a life of luxury at our Tortoise Sanctuary in the resort grounds. Bring the family and join our tortoise ranger for an educational session on the lives of the tortoises, followed by a feeding session in the resort sanctuary. The cost of this ethically-conscious experience is donated to the Aldabra Clean Up Project – a coalition to tackle marine plastic pollution on Aldabra, the world's second largest coral atoll.

Your experience includes
Educational session at the resort's sanctuary
Feeding of the giant tortoises
Opportunity to bond with one of these gentle giants

"The giant Aldabra tortoises are the oldest citizens of the Seychelles. Meeting these mysterious creatures is nothing short of an absolute pleasure."

Brigitte Kasamun

Chief Concierge