Deep Sea Fishing & Cook Your Catch

Discover how the authentic way of life unfolds in the Seychelles

In the Seychelles, preparing your own catch as soon as it's plucked from the sea is all part of the local way of life.

Take to the water for half a day in a deep-sea fishing vessel with all the equipment and expertise you need to land a big gamefish. Once back ashore, we'll take you and your catch to our open-air beach kitchen to learn from a local chef how to prepare and cook it – traditional Creole-style. Enjoy the sunshine, the wind in your hair and the stories you'll hear on this day of living life the local way.

Your experience includes
Half-day deep-sea fishing in a private charter
Water & soft drinks included on board
Traditional coconut fish curry cooking class with a local chef
Enjoy your catch for dinner if you wish

"Fishing in the Seychelles is a very exciting experience as the marine life is abundant. Pairing this with knowledge from captains and chefs gives you an insight into the local way of life."

Brigitte Kasamun

Chief Concierge