Vallée de Mai Discovery

Raffles Seychelles

A private guided tour of the mythical gardens of Eden at the green heart of Praslin

A living reminder of the ancient palm forests, the Vallée de Mai is the mysterious green heart of Praslin Island, and guardian of one of the Seychelles' cultural icons, the distinctive coco de mer palm.

On this private guided tour, we'll take you on an easy trail around one of the world’s smallest natural UNESCO World Heritage Sites, where millions of years of isolation have led to the evolution of unique species found nowhere else in the world. Described as the true ‘Garden of Eden’ by General Charles Gordon in 1881, the Vallée de Mai has long been a source of inspiration for botanists, naturalists and anyone seeking immersion in the wonders of nature.

Raffles Seychelles
Your experience includes
Transfer by private car to and from Vallée de Mai
Entrance and private guided tour at Vallée de Mai

" This is one of the most magical sites in the Seychelles. It's a must-see on Praslin Island."

Brigitte Kasamun

Chief Concierge