Royal Palace

The Silver Pagoda is located within the compound of the Royal Palace. Inside the gleaming yellow walls of the palace compound are the Throne Hall and the Chanchhaya Pavilion, made specially for classical Cambodia dance performances.

Originally a wooden structure, the palace was first constructed in 1892, during the reign of King Norodom. It was rebuilt in its current grandeur by King Sihanouk (now King Father) in 1962. 5329 pieces of silver tiles, each weighing 1.125 kilograms, make up the floor of the Silver Pagoda. The silver flooring alone weighs over six tonnes. The Silver Pagoda serves as a depository for cultural treasures more so than a functioning temple. It houses the 17th century Emerald Buddha and some 1650 Buddhist artifacts made of a variety of precious metals such as gold, silver and bronze, all of which are adorned with diamonds, sapphires and rubies.

Inside the main hall, stands a statue representing the Buddha Maitreya. This statue is made of solid gold and weighs 90 kilograms including the stand and parasol. The statue is also adorned with 2086 diamonds with a 25-karat jewel on its crown.

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