Raffles Hotels leads the way in eco-conscious services and experiences, and the Raffles Makati strives to uphold sustainability in all aspects. As part of the hotel's commitment, several measures have already been implemented, such as removing single-use plastic for dry amenities, placing refillable amenity containers in all guest rooms, using recyclable materials for food and beverage packaging, and maintaining homegrown bee farm and herb gardens. But of course, knowing that there is more to be done, Raffles Makati has pursued additional initiatives to further establish itself as a leader in sustainable hospitality and tourism.

One of the notable sustainability efforts at Raffles Makati is a partnership with PlasticBank Philippines®. This remarkable organization is dedicated to eradicating water pollution by collecting, segregating, and repurposing PET bottles. Before and during the transition to glass bottles and bottling facilities, collection bins were strategically placed around the hotel to dispose of cleaned and used PET bottles. The contents of these bins are then donated to PlasticBank Philippines®, where they are recycled to keep the oceans clean. 

The completion of Raffles Makati’s very own water bottling system is a recent accomplishment that furthers the effort to eliminate single-use plastics in the hotel. This bottling facility installed in the heart-of-house allows for quick cleaning and refilling of Raffles Makati’s new glass bottles, which have replaced the PET water bottles in the hotel’s rooms and restaurants. 

In addition, Raffles Makati has taken significant steps to reduce its carbon footprint, including the incorporation of a fleet of hybrid vehicles into our transportation lineup. These cars have been incredibly impactful in reducing air pollution and carbon emissions, thanks to their use of electric power. The hotel has also fully embraced the technological advancements that come with the manufacture of electric vehicles, partnering with Solarius Energy to install electric vehicle charging stations on the property. As one of the first luxury properties in Metro Manila to take this step, Raffles Makati is now a destination for EV users who can take advantage of these charging ports during their stay. By working with Solarius Energy, a company specialising in sustainable energy and aiming to greatly reduce combustible fuel's negative impact on the environment, we continue to lead the way in sustainable hospitality and tourism.

Since the beginning of the collaboration between Raffles Makati and PlasticBank Philippines® in July 2022, a total of 187 bags of PET bottles have been collected for recycling, amounting to 483kg of plastic that will no longer end up in and pollute the planet’s oceans. Furthermore, with the implementation of glass bottles and a new water bottling facility, the hotel is projected to eliminate the use of up to 380,000 plastic bottles per year. The introduction of five new hybrid vehicles to the hotel’s transportation fleet is projected to significantly reduce gas emissions from combustible fossil fuels, contributing to the improvement of air quality in the immediate vicinity. Each hybrid vehicle registers up to 16% less Carbon Dioxide emissions and consumes about 17% less fossil fuels than traditional combustion engine vehicles. Overall, these efforts represent Raffles Makati’s ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices in the hospitality industry.

The segregation and collection of plastic bottles is encouraged not just in the hotel but has also been launched as an at-home campaign for Heartists, encouraging them to also work towards reducing the use of single-use plastic in their own homes. Additionally, the hotel’s EV charging ports were introduced with a press launch attended by media partners who witnessed the inaugural charging of an electric vehicle at Raffles Makati. All of Raffles Makati’s initiatives are communicated to guests with an innovative Digital Sustainability Mural, a modern platform placed strategically in a high-traffic location in the Fairmont Lobby. As a digital implementation, the Mural uses no disposable resources to be updated to include new projects, thus being a sustainable effort in itself.

Since the beginning of efforts towards creating sustainable experiences at Raffles Makati, the hotel’s Executive Committee has been leading and driving every initiative, bringing together various departments to ensure the best possible implementation. From projects that fulfil LQA standard requirements, such as the elimination of single-use plastics, to additional initiatives that take the commitment to sustainability further - the EV charging ports, to name one – the administrative heads of the hotel have been proactive in making decisions, bringing in collaborators and supervising strategies and work to make every undertaking possible.

Raffles Makati takes great pride in upholding a commitment to sustainability and eco-consciousness. The hotel continuously strives to enhance its efforts towards a more sustainable future by keeping pace with evolving requirements and emerging technologies. Their dedication to sustainability is demonstrated through various initiatives, including reducing and eliminating single-use plastics and transitioning the hotel’s transportation fleet to hybrid vehicles. Along with this is an acknowledgement of the fact that the obligation to sustainability is ongoing, and thus Raffles Makati remains steadfast in its promise to sustain and expand current efforts to ensure a healthier world for future guests and employees.