The pursuit of a more sustainable future is a top priority in Raffles Makati. Just as important is the need to communicate its various efforts to guests, both as an LQA standard and for guest awareness. However, it was clear from the start that there was a need to go above and beyond the usual methods of printed signages, letters, and posters – these are easily overlooked by guests and would require repetitive printing that would result in a waste of resources. Thus, the management decided to showcase the hotel's commitment to eco-conscious initiatives and environmentally responsible practices through a more innovative platform: the Digital Sustainability Mural. This masterpiece of modern technology is placed in a strategic and high-traffic location in the Fairmont Lobby, showing the hotel's impressive range of sustainability projects and inviting guests to join the movement for a healthier planet and a better tomorrow.

The Sustainability Mural is a stunning example of elegant design and technological innovation. The high-definition vertical LED Smart TV screen is framed in sleek stainless steel, creating an aesthetic symmetry with the lobby's sophisticated ambience. The Mural plays an engaging video that provides guests with a quick, yet comprehensive, overview of all of the hotel's sustainability efforts. Each implementation is presented with enticing vivid imagery and descriptive summaries that captivate the viewer's attention and inspire them to take action.

The Shadow Executive Committee, a group of emerging leaders and rising stars from diverse departments - including Front Office, Food & Beverage, Engineering, Finance, and Sales and Marketing, spearheaded the Sustainability Mural project as one of their priority initiatives. This project required and showcased their diverse skill sets for the best possible implementation from planning to installation. Their leadership, creativity, and commitment to excellence shine through in every aspect of the mural. By empowering emerging talent and fostering a culture of innovation, Raffles Makati is setting the standard for sustainable leadership in the local hospitality industry.

The Sustainability Mural is a shining example of best practices in sustainability communication. Its digital format allows for easy, real-time updates and ensures a sustainable approach to sharing information, reducing the environmental impact of traditional printed materials. The video content is designed to educate guests on the hotel’s sustainability efforts and inspire them to become sustainability champions during their stay and beyond. In doing so, Raffles Makati continues to attract like-minded guests and companies who also advocate eco-consciousness.

The Sustainability Mural has received rave reviews from guests, partners, and employees alike. Guests have expressed admiration through their post-stay reviews and by writing to management for the hotel's commitment to sustainability and appreciation for the engaging and informative presentation. The mural has sparked conversations with onlookers and business partners who have seen it – they have praised the hotel and even recommended the hotel to join several sustainability awards.

The Sustainability Mural is a remarkable achievement that epitomizes Raffles Makati's commitment to sustainable leadership and innovation. Its elegant design, engaging video content, and commitment to best practices in sustainability communication set the bar in the local hospitality industry. The Mural serves as a valuable resource for guests, inspiring them to take action towards a more sustainable future. By continuing to champion sustainability initiatives and nurturing emerging talent, Raffles Makati is creating a brighter future for all, one viewer at a time.