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Savour the culinary heritage of Rajasthan

Rediscovered heirloom recipes from the Rajputana royal households are lovingly prepared by blending local seasonal produce with traditional cooking techniques. Each course, belonging to a distinct 'gharana' or lineage, chronicles its own story, as our chefs unfurl India's culinary heritage and the legacy of a bygone era.

  • Daily 7.00pm – 11.00pm

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Rediscovering the lost recipes of royalty

The royal cuisine of Rajasthan was informed both by a war-like way of life and the region’s dry, sandy landscape. Dishes that could keep for a few days and be eaten cold were favoured, and recipes were complicated: specific ingredients and types of meat were required and, with water scarce, intricate and lengthy cooking process were developed. Most royal cooks have now gone to their eternal feast, taking their precious recipes with them. Our chefs have worked hard to rediscover some of the exotic, elegant dishes once cooked in royal palaces, guarded by the royal families for centuries.