The original 006 and 007 rooms of The Old War Office

SPY BAR TASTING experience

Secrecy meets sophistication in this tasting experience where guests will enjoy three cocktails in tribute to the spies who once occupied our corridors. Whilst our team of mixologists guide you through each drink, perfectly matched canapés will be served to enhance the tasting.

Your experience includes
Three cocktails
Three canapés
Access to The Spy Bar
The Spy Bar is open Tuesday to Saturday from 5.00pm
About The Spy Bar

Located in the secret corridors

Deeply atmospheric with a hint of the illicit, The Spy Bar pays homage to the plethora of spies whose secrets were guarded by the walls of the Old War Office. It is located in two former rooms that were numbered 006 and 007 in the early 20th century and functioned as high security storage vaults for identity papers and mission reports of MI5 and MI6 agents. The entrance lobby to The Spy Bar was once a guard room while other rooms along this corridor were used for briefing, debriefing and interrogating spies before and after going into the ‘field’.