Ranger For A Day

Raffles Seychelles - Seychelles Islands

Discover Curieuse Island and be a tortoise ranger for a day

On our neighbouring island of Curieuse, the giant Aldabra tortoises roam the beaches wild and free.

We invite you to bring the family and become a tortoise ranger for a day. Start by climbing aboard for the 20-minute boat trip to Curieuse. Here you will meet your knowledgeable guide who will teach you how to monitor, nurture and feed the tortoises. Get up close to these friendly creatures, and learn about their long lives from locals who know each one by name.

Raffles Seychelles - Praslin
Your experience includes
Boat trip to Curieuse Island
Morning hike on Curieuse for the whole family
Picnic bag
Meet the tortoises session

"The giant Aldabra tortoises on Curieuse Island are the oldest citizens of the Seychelles. Meeting these wonderful creatures is nothing short of an absolute pleasure."

Brigitte Kasamun

Chief Concierge