Bahrain's unique all-villa escape

A spacious and serene hideaway within a secret garden of enchantment.
Our resort oasis is situated in Zallaq, a modern village on the west coast of Bahrain, 45 minutes from the capital, Manama. In an area known for its rich ecosystems and biodiversity, Al Areen Wildlife Park is on our doorstep, a vibrant home for rare animals, birds and desert plants. We are within easy reach of the region's largest convention centre, Exhibition World Bahrain, the Bahrain International F1 Circuit, the Lost Paradise of Dilmun Waterpark, the Al Dana amphitheatre, Al Jazair beach and the Royal Golf Club. Beyond this elegant playground lie the royal family's private lands and the wonders of the desert.

Facilities & Services

Let us take you through our majestic artisan-crafted wooden doors, on a journey around the exceptional features of our palace and its secret garden.


Raffles doorman

The embodiment of warm Arabic hospitality and Raffles' legendary service, waiting to greet you by name as you enter our light-filled conservatory.

Palace botanist

Taking care of the fruitful and enchanting secret garden, our resident botanist will be delighted to give you a guided tour.

Private gardens

Thoughtfully landscaped grounds flourish with palms, exotic flowers, fountains and home-grown produce used abundantly by the chefs in our kitchens.

Private treatments & rituals

Science and ancient wisdom come together for treatments and rituals that can be experienced in the spa or your private villa.

Art collection

Precious art and craft by Bahraini artists adorns our seamlessly flowing spaces, where light dances through the Arabesque fretwork.

Writers Lounge

An inviting space to pause for reflection, relax over a good book, or hold an intimate business session.

Wedding gazebo

We can create a charming decorated canopy for your wedding anywhere in the resort grounds.

Introducing Bahrain

Archaeological wonders, precious treasures, impeccable hospitality

Throughout history, the Kingdom of Bahrain, founded on its freshwater springs over 4,000 years ago, has variously been known as 'the Land of Immortality' or 'the Great Paradise'. A vital link between East and West, it was a commercial hub and a sea transit point. It is a place where the past continues to be uncovered, thanks to its archaeological tradition which traces the civilisation back to burial mounds older than the pyramids and centuries-old fortifications. Characterised by its national symbols – the bulbul bird, the oryx, the majestic palm tree – Bahrain is most famous for its dates and its precious pearls, plucked from the two seas 'where the sweet water meets the saltwater'.

Bahraini citizens come from at least eight different ethnic groups, from Arabic Bahraini people to the Ajam ethnic Persian citizens, Balochis, Indians and ethnic tribal people. Known for their artistic skills, the local people craft their own boats for fishing and pearling, design and make intricate jewellery, and craft clay and ceramic pottery. The poets of Bahrain and famous for their verse, while traditional drumming accompanies weddings and other celebrations.

Once upon a time...
... the tale of the secret garden

Thousands of years ago, during the Dilmun Civilisation, there was a place called the Land of Immortality, rich with treasures of the earth, filled with a million palm trees, surrounded by the Arabian sea, and gifted with fresh water from the springs. Amid the beautiful palms, a young boy named Arif grew up with a passion for gardening. He spent his days dreaming of one day creating a beautiful garden that he could enjoy with his family and friends. As Arif grew older, he travelled the world collecting exotic seeds to bring back to his home land. Cultivating the land surrounding his courtyard house, he began planting the most wonderful garden in the whole kingdom. After each long day spent in the garden, Arif collected fresh water and cardamom from the garden to brew his favourite ghawa. The aromatic scent of brewed cardamom attracted visitors from far and wide to Arif’s garden, leaving special gifts of their own in return for sampling Arif’s delicious coffee.

His visitors were: the artisan, a master craftsman who uses wood to create art, chests and furniture, and clay to create beautiful pots; the calligrapher, bringing spiritual and positive messages in the form of beautiful Arabic writing; the pearl diver, because the land was known to have the best natural pearls; the musician, bringing joy and merriment using his traditional oud; and the weaver, with an array of beautiful baskets woven from palm leaves. Arif’s garden became a haven for travellers – not merely a place of trade, but an oasis for the well-travelled. Today, what was known as the Land of Immortality is now named The Kingdom of Bahrain, and what was once a young boy’s dream is now known as Raffles Al Areen Palace.

Our Bahraini art collection

The hotel's collection of art pieces – a striking adornment to the entrance lobbies, restaurants and shared spaces – has all been crafted by local artists referencing Bahraini cultural codes. An installation created from droplets of acrylic paint on canvas captures the abundance of pearls on Bahrain’s seabed, with pearlescent accents. Gestural brushstrokes in textured oils with touches of gold leaf poetically represent petals and leaves from an artist’s own studio garden. A collection of patinated metal-and-enamel sculptures resembling precious shells found in Bahrain's oceans is thoughtfully presented alongside locally sourced books. Everywhere you turn, a charming new story is poised to unfold.