Rumari AND friends 

with Victor's Fine Dining

Extravagant Culinary Collaborations

Chef Christian Bau, acclaimed from the three Michelin-starred restaurant Victor’s Fine Dining in Germany,  is coming to Rumari for the upcoming "Rumari and Friends“ culinary collaboration on 24 and 25 May 2024. ​

Drawing inspiration from the refined culinary traditions of Japanese cuisine, Chef Christian Bau has crafted his own distinctive culinary identity, embodying a fusion of French haute cuisine and Japanese kaiseki. ​

Join us for an unforgettable evening of culinary discovery as Chefs Gaetan Biesuz and Christian Bau curate a tasting menu that combines Rumari’s progressive Southeast Asian cuisine with the distinctive flavours of Victor’s Fine Dining.

From US $190

"Like a well-crafted meal, the bond that are created through Rumari and Friends is an odyssey of diverse flavors and cultural fusion, creating a delightful symphony of shared experiences."

Gaetan Biesuz

Director of Culinary