Blue Cigar Writer's Lounge

A destination of uncommon luxuries and rarer vintages

In a clandestine, speakeasy setting, meet experienced cigar rollers who will handcraft a cigar using fine Cuban tobacco. Pair it with whiskies, smoky cocktails, no-alcohol drinks and authentic Cuban experiential cuisine.

Lunch & Dinner
  • Tuesday to Sunday 3.00pm – 2.00am

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A love of literature

Blue Cigar Writer's Lounge is where old narratives are rediscovered through our collection of 7,000 rare and antique books. Leaf through first editions, including Robinson Crusoe from 1785 and Moby Dick from 1811. Select an antiquarian classic that tells its own story through notes handwritten by a previous reader, a late-night coffee stain, or a well-worn cover that has been lovingly passed down through generations. Select a book from a dedicated literary menu and settle into a leather armchair for an evening of reflection.