Blue Cigar

Niched behind the alabaster atrium walls of Raffles Doha, a clandestine bar transports you to another place and time. Imagine New York City during the Roaring Twenties, an era of Prohibition and speakeasies, indulgence and decadence. Gentlemen gather to converse and make deals while puffing on cigars and imbibing single-malt scotch.

A century later, the same pleasures and more are found at Blue Cigar, a destination of uncommon luxuries and rarer vintages. Here, aficionados select cigars from custom-designed humidors. Meet experienced rollers from the Dominican Republic, who will handcraft a cigar for you using 20-year-old Cuban tobacco from Fidel Castro’s own stock. If Blue Cigar does not carry the brand and type you seek, we can have it flown in within 24 hours. Knowledgeable staff are close at hand to serve and – for the curious – offer advice.

Urban cigar bar with premium beverages

In an exclusive speakeasy setting with live music, indulge in fine cigars, premium spirits, no-alcohol cocktails and authentic Latin American cuisine.

Pair your cigar with whiskies, smoky cocktails or alcohol-free drinks that double as works of art. The food menu, inspired by Latin American spices and techniques, satisfies your hunger for authenticity and adventure. All the while, an eclectic mix of world and local music coalesce with the heady smoke. So make yourself at home in one of the leather armchairs, and let Blue Cigar curate a bespoke experience for you.

Opening Hours

Daily: 3 pm - 2 am
(Closed on Monday)

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