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  • Multi-sensory rituals and pure indulgence. The science of healing, beauty and rejuvenation in an opulent waterfront setting. This is Raffles Spa Doha.

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Step into a universe where time stands still, a haven of complete serenity for the modern wellness connoisseur. In this sumptuous oasis, discover a collection of personalised treatments designed to restore and revive. Soothe and energise. Bring out your very best from within.

At Raffles Spa Doha, a combination of ancient traditions, precious ingredients and sophisticated technologies work in harmony to effect true regeneration. We partner with some of the most respected names in scientific skincare and advanced beauty – Dr Burgener- Switzerland, Subtle Energies, marocMaroc – to produce immediate and long-lasting results.

Take your well-being to the next level at Raffles Spa, a rarefied sanctuary reinterpreted for the 21st-century seeker of holistic health.

Our Philisophy

At Raffles Doha, we believe that true wellness is possible only when body and spirit are in synchrony with one another. For this reason, our spa and fitness offerings nourish you physically, mentally and emotionally.

The time-honoured wisdom of Ayurveda. The benefits of Moroccan botanicals and hammam. Healing arts that blend active ingredients from nature and Swiss laboratories. Ultra-personalised body care based on clinical assessments of your skin, hair and nutrient levels. Wellness cuisine and nutritional consultations. Fitness training custom-tailored to your goals and abilities. When combined, the results are greater vitality, inner tranquillity, younger-looking skin... a stronger, more resilient you.

Embodying this philosophy is the lotus, a flower with quiet strength and outer purity. Mirror its transformation as you journey from bud to blossom to full bloom.

Our Treatments

To rediscover wholeness. For a pampering treat. A time of reconnection with a loved one or best friend. Whatever the reason, Raffles Spa has a tailor-made treatment for you.

The session takes place in a spacious spa suite or spa experience suite, your personal cocoon of soft lights, thoughtful aromatherapy oils and nurturing gestures. Following the ritual, prolong the sensation in our outdoor or indoor relaxation space with an organic tisane, vitamin-packed juice or another wellness beverage of your choice.

Couple Treatments -
Spend romantic moments together as therapists treat you and your loved one to full-body pampering. Afterwards, enjoy the spa facilities and cafe.
Treatments for Men -
While our facials, massages, wraps and scrubs are available for all, certain body treatments and rituals are designed specifically for gentlemen.
Mum or Dad & Me -
Introduce your teenager to self-care and a balanced lifestyle with parent-child treatments, followed by quality bonding time in the hydrotherapy area.

Our wellness partners

  • Based in Lausanne, the medical aesthetic clinic of Dr Burgener Switzerland offers an avant-garde approach to beauty that is equally rooted in science and nature. We are pleased to collaborate with this world-renowned biologist to bring her skincare philosophy and products to Doha.

    Treatments range from 60-minute algae body wraps to multi-day journeys dedicated to anti-ageing, detoxing or slimming.

  • At the heart of this luxury skincare brand are Morocco’s minerals and botanicals: clay from the Atlas Mountains, black soap made of olives, oil from argan kernels, and the country’s revered almonds and pink roses.

    marocMaroc celebrates this exceptional cultural heritage with beauty products and rediscovered techniques for the face, body and hair – a divine multisensory experience.

  • Authentic Ayurvedic principles meet holistic modern techniques in Subtle Energies, a brand that incorporates rare aromatic oils in its aromatherapy, natural skincare and wellness solutions – all sustainably and ethically sourced.

    Produced in Australia by Farida Irani, an eminent Ayurveda practitioner, these safe and effective products deliver tangible results for the face, body and hair.

  • Recreate the Raffles Spa experience in your own home. Our boutique carries all of the state-of-the-art skincare and luxury beauty products from Dr Burgener Switzerland, marocMaroc and Subtle Energies that are used in our treatments.

    Also discover a range of exquisite Raffles Spa gifts and mementos that are sure to delight discerning family and friends.

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