Our sustainable future is a vision of luxury that is authentic and responsible, defined not by opulence and excess but by refinement, respect and mindfulness. Come and explore our sustainable commitments.

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Raffles Makati - Philippines

Sustainability Hotel of the Year

Raffles Hotels leads the way in eco-conscious services and experiences, and the Raffles Makati strives to uphold sustainability in all aspects. As part of the hotel's commitment, several measures have already been implemented, such as removing single-use plastic for dry amenities, placing refillable amenity containers in all guest rooms, using recyclable materials for food and beverage packaging, and maintaining homegrown bee farm and herb gardens. But of course, knowing that there is more to be done, Raffles Makati has pursued additional initiatives to further establish itself as a leader in sustainable hospitality and tourism.

Raffles Makati - Philippines

Digital Sustainability Mural

The pursuit of a more sustainable future is a top priority in Raffles Makati. Just as important is the need to communicate its various efforts to guests, both as an LQA standard and for guest awareness. However, it was clear from the start that there was a need to go above and beyond the usual methods of printed signages, letters, and posters – these are easily overlooked by guests and would require repetitive printing that would result in a waste of resources. Thus, the management decided to showcase the hotel's commitment to eco-conscious initiatives and environmentally responsible practices through a more innovative platform: the Digital Sustainability Mural. 

Raffles Makati - Philippines

Embracing inclusion and equity for a better tomorrow

The RiiSE program is part of the company's wider commitment to sustainability, social responsibility and ethical business practices. By promoting diversity and inclusion, the company aims to create a more innovative, productive and fulfilling workplace for all employees helping build a more equitable and sustainable community.