Residence Suites

  • Room Size
    150 Sqm (1614 Sq ft)
  • Bed Type
    One or Two King Beds
  • Occupancy
    2-6 persons
Located in the Raffles Arcade, these five Residence Suites feature either one or two bedrooms and enjoy private access. Ideal for guests who seek large spaces during their stay in Singapore, each suite comes with a living and dining area, a pantry, an intimate office space, powder room and bedroom. These comfortable homes-away-from-home are named after famous local cinemas from the early to mid-1900s – a tribute to the days when the hotel’s neighbourhood was known as “The Place of Cinemas”. Thoughtful and discreet, our legendary Raffles butlers known for their delivery of the warmest and most graceful service will also be available to assist you in every need. From in-suite registration upon arrival, to skillfully packing those extra purchases on departure, no task is too small for a Raffles butler.

1. Alhambra Suite (one-bedroom suite)
Located along Beach Road, the Alhambra Theatre was opened in 1907 by motion picture industry pioneer Tan Cheng Kee and subsequently became the first air-conditioned theatre in Singapore when it was bought by the Shaw Brothers in the 1930s.

2. Diamond Suite (one-bedroom suite)
Opened in 1947, the Diamond Theatre was located along North Bridge Road until 1977 and specialised in screening Tamil movies.

3. Marlborough Suite (one-bedroom suite)
Located along Beach Road, the Marlborough Theatre was opened in the 1930s by the Shaw Brothers. Its heyday was in the 1950s and 1960s, when the area was made popular by the original Satay Club, a favourite gathering place for the local community to enjoy authentic hawker fare.

4. Theatre Royal Suite (one-bedroom suite)
Situated along North Bridge Road, Theatre Royal first started as a Malay theatre before switching to Indian movies from the 1950s to 1970s, the golden period of its colourful history.

5. Odeon Suite (two-bedroom suite)
Opened in June 1953 by the Cathay Organization, Odeon Theatre was very modern by the standards of that era and one of the city’s most successful cinemas.

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