The Raffles Stories

An anthology of tales from Raffles

The Raffles Doormen & Grandfather Clock
Familiar to all are the liveried Sikh Doormen and the grandfather clock in The Grand Lobby. Our grandfather clock is the oldest piece of furniture in the hotel, believed to predate even the grande dame herself. Our Raffles Doormen, being ambassadors of Raffles Hotel Singapore, are recognised by their immaculate white turbans, and are our most photographed colleagues. They are always the first to welcome guests, including heads of state, dignitaries and celebrities, and have also travelled the world to receive countless awards on behalf of the hotel. Our doormen have witnessed some interesting characters crossing our threshold over the years. In 1904, a wild boar escaped into the hotel, and was wrestled to the ground by the doorman concerned.
Do you know in which movie one of the Raffles doormen makes a cameo appearance?

Literary Luminaries
How did Somerset Maugham once famously describe Raffles Singapore? What was the name of the book by Rudyard Kipling that paid tribute to Raffles Singapore? Discover more about the esteemed literary luminaries and their contribution to the hotel’s storied history.

The Tiffin Room

Why was Tiffin Room named as it is and in what year was it brought to Raffles Singapore? Find out more about the signature restaurant that takes pride of place in The Grand Lobby.

The Last Tiger
In 1902, the last tiger to be killed in Singapore was pursued at Raffles Hotel Singapore. The tiger escaped from a performing circus at the far end of Beach Road, went for a good swim and came to rest for the night under the Bar & Billiard Room, which was then an elevated building underneath which was a space for empty boxes and crates. A colleague saw the tiger and requested the help of a local headmaster who was known to be a hunter and a sharp shooter. It was dark, and his first three shots missed. The opportunity to redeem his reputation came when he caught the gleaming eyes of the tiger, and fired right between them. As bystanders approached the body, the tiger’s head rose. The headmaster pulled his trigger again and the last tiger in Singapore finally laid its head to rest under the Bar & Billiard Room. 

An anthology of tales from Raffles

Early Modes of Transportation
What was the Bras Basah Wing before it was converted to guest suites? Which country made the limousine cars procured by Raffles in 1917? Discover more about the stories of the horse stables and the dedicated motor garage at Raffles Singapore.

Origins of the Singapore Sling
Who was the creator of the Singapore Sling, where was it created and how long ago?

Films made at Raffles
Lights, camera, action! Find out what the old carpark entrance was transformed into during the filming of Hawaii Five-0.

Fancy dress parties
Did you know that The Grand Lobby played host to many gala dinners, skating and fancy dress parties? Find out what electrical fixture the main building of Raffles had and what the lobby was converted to in 1910-1930s? 

Cad's Alley
Discover more about Cad’s Alley, a vantage point for the gentlemen, including the year it was removed to make way for the ballroom.

The making of a Singapore Sling
Do you know what gives the Singapore Sling its pinkish colour or its fruity, tropical flavour? Discover more about the anatomy of our iconic national drink! 

Michael Jackson
In what year did Michael Jackson stay at Raffles Singapore and where did he meet Ah Meng the orang utan? Hear more about the King of Pop and his stay in the Sir Stamford Raffles Presidential Suite.