Imperial Beauty & Wellbeing

Raffles The Palm

A journey of timeless rituals for healing and deep relaxation

We invite you to take a regenerating wellbeing journey through two timeless rituals, each reimagined for the needs of today. Drawing inspiration from ancient Arabic hot sand therapy and Japanese energy medicine, each ritual in turn brings powerful rebalancing benefits to body, mind and soul.

Start with a luxurious 90-minute signature quartz therapy, where you’ll be immersed in a bed of heated alpha quartz sand. You will experience a dynamic flow massage and a singing bowl sound meditation, as well as the touch of a therapist and the skilled application of poultices to promote healing in the body. Follow this with a 30-minute Kobido Japanese facial for healthy skin and an essential after-glow. The full ritual journey may be experienced on three consecutive days during a week-long stay, to power up the benefits of deep relaxation.

Raffles The Palm
Your experience includes
90-minute MLX quartz therapy
30-minute Kobido ritual
Delicious healthy lunch from the wellness menu
One or three-day experience available

"Take care of yourself with these rituals of pure bliss. From the quartz bed your therapist will skilfully put your body at ease combining touch, sound and healing ingredients to leave you glowing head to toe - and what’s best is that the ritual can be repeated."

Karen Coetzee

Director of Spa