Designer Suite

  • Room Size
    378 Sqm (4069 Sq ft)
  • Bed Type
    1 king and 2 twin beds
  • Occupancy
    Max. 7

Audacious, fanciful and never staid, this two-bedroom suite is where creativity thrives and the imagination comes alive.

Shimmering with vivid colours and statement pieces, the Designer Suite serves as a vibrant atelier for eclectic souls and daring spirits. The art wall and gallery with their collection of works imbue the rooms with an intoxicating energy seldom found in the hospitality world. Everywhere, daylight streaming through glass and gauze both heightens and reinterprets the hues, lines and shapes.

Designers and makers require not only visual inspiration, but also privacy and freedom from distractions. That is why this remarkable suite spans the entire 31st floor of the hotel. After an energising session of profound creativity, unwind in the outsized spa bathroom and sauna, then choose a snack or beverage from your personalised in-Suite Boutique . Come evening, order an epicurean meal for savouring in the living room, dining room or on the panoramic balcony, where you have box seats to nature’s pageantry.

Artists and art lovers. Discerning travellers in search of the unconventional. Whether you are a creator or connoisseur, the Designer Suite promises cherished memories and evocative dreams. 

Personalized Butler Services

At Raffles Doha, the welcome begins long before your arrival, when your Raffles Butler requests your preferences to ensure that your stay is tailored perfectly to you. From the selections of your in-suite boutique to the accoutrements in the closets, everything is intentional and curated for your pleasure. If you are travelling with children, your little ones will adore our Globetrotters programme.

Features And Services

  • Two-bedroom suite with separate living and dining rooms
    Panoramic sea view
    Extensive terrace with outdoor lounge and dining areas
    High-speed WiFi with seamless connectivity
    Room management and multisensory system via in-Suite Tablet
    Art gallery
    Show kitchen
    In-Suite Boutique
    Bean-to-coffee machine
    Tea-making amenities
    Walk-in wardrobes
    Powder room and two master bathrooms
    Experience shower doubling as private steam room
    Deep soaking tub
    Double bathroom vanities

  • Raffles Butler Service (unpacking/packing, shoeshine, bath and sleep rituals, and more)
    Personalised in-Suite Boutique
    Wide-selection of luxurious bath products
    Tailored turndown experiences
    Elevated in-suite dining
    Katara Globetrotters (children’s programme) setup

Just For You

Our special offers transform an already extraordinary hotel stay into an even more unforgettable experience. Whether your home is in Qatar or on the other side of the world, Raffles Doha has a curated package designed to surprise and delight.

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