Ycone Paris

A treasure trove of familiar and exotic treats

The ancient art of pastry-making is a feature that unites the souls of Arabia and Europe, and at Raffles Bahrain it is brought to life by the founder of Ycone Paris, French master patissier Yazid Ichemrahen. At our beautiful, relaxed patisserie, take a rare moment to discover his signature savoury and sweet dishes, and choose from the artful display of Viennoiserie, mini pastries and cakes. Enjoy at the table with a selection of exquisite teas and juices, or take home to your villa. In Chef Yazid's dexterous hands, every intricately designed gem-like pastry has a story to tell.

  • Daily 10.00am – 11.30am
Afternoon tea
  • Daily 3.00pm – 11:00pm

Raffles Afternoon Tea

Raffles Afternoon Tea with a distinctly refined Ycone twist can be enjoyed in the relaxed surroundings of Ycone Paris or delivered in person to your villa. At weekends, musical entertainment on the piano, harp or oud will be your added accompaniment. A choice of menus is available:

Luxurious Afternoon Tea
with canapes, pastries, teas or coffee

Sundowner Afternoon Tea
with canapes, pastries, teas or coffee and a bottle of champagne

Villa Delivery Afternoon Tea
with elegant savoury bites, cakes, pastries, teas, coffee & herb-infused mocktails & cocktails

Meet the chef

Pastry Chef Yazid Ichemrahen

French pastry-maker and Ycone founder Yazid Ichemrahen transcended his humble beginnings to become the youngest ever World Pastry Champion at the age of 22. The creation of his brand, Ycone Paris, was based on his skilful interpretation of three desserts inspired by his childhood, with which he has touched millions of hearts: the Tahitian vanilla crème brûlée, the banana bread that his 'Tati' made for him on Saturday afternoons, and the chocolate fondant that he would have on his birthday. Yazid worked for the world-renowned chef Alain Ducasse and has collaborated with many luxury brands outside the sphere of hospitality, including Dior, Louis Vuitton and Chaumet. Today he constantly travels the world in search of inspiration, and has written a book, Reve D'Un Enfant Etoile, chronicling his life story and passion for pastry.