Il Carpaccio

Tasked with helming the exemplary destination for Italian gastronomy, the couple, Chefs Oliver Piras and Alessandra Del Favero, is excited to share their love for convivial Italian cuisine in the most Parisian of Palaces.

They are now taking the lead of the mythical restaurant of the Palace, to propose a gastronomic Italian cuisine, authentic andgourmet, through an exclusive menu, created in partnership with the Da Vittorio family.

Both disciples of the unmistakable three-star family restaurant in Italy, they have created, in collaboration with the Chefs of Da Vittorio, Enrico and Roberto Cerea, and exclusively for Il Carpaccio, a generous and creative menu that transmits their experience and honours the traditional and seasonal Italian products.

At Il Carpaccio, Chefs Piras and Del Favero have envisioned modern, light Italian cuisine, made with transalpine products of exceptional quality. Elevated gastronomy will be on the menu, paired with a welcoming, jovial atmosphere. “Our mission: complexity presented in simplicity”. A testament to their credo, the duo will be present not only in the kitchen but also in the dining room, interacting and delighting guests with tableside preparation of their signature dishes.

Opening hours

Opening hours in January 2022:
Tuesday and Wednesday for lunch from 12pm to 2:30pm and for dinner from 7pm to 10pm.
Thursday to Saturday for dinner from 7pm to 10pm.
Lunch and dinner may be served on the terrace in warm weather.

Selected Dishes

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