Purnama Honeymoon Bale

  • A private, open-air gazebo with panoramic ocean views creates an idyllic backdrop for twilight dining experiences created with lovers in mind.
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The sun hangs low in the sky, reaching towards the silken sea and casting trails of ochre and gold in its wake. You have front row seats to the show as you sip aperitifs at Loloan Beach Bar and Grill, before wandering hand-in-hand towards Purnama. A fire pit lights the path to this romantic gazebo, built on the rocks above the ink-dark water. Let the soft sounds of singing Genta Urag bells lead you to your table. The menu is inspired by the gazebo’s incomparable ocean views, featuring the very best of Jimbaran’s seafood bounty paired with fine wines. Afterwards, the romance continues with candles set up in your private villa.

Opening Hours

Open for Raffles Bali residents, dining experiences can be pre-arranged before your arrival, and also can be arranged on the spot. Advance reservations are recommended.

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