The Farm Terrace

Dishes created from freshly picked ingredients

Experience an extravagant and personalised dining event beneath the tropical vines at The Farm Terrace. Ideal for groups of up to six guests, our rustic outdoor setting features wooden tables nestled amidst lush greenery. Enjoy a special evening with a bespoke bar setup and live grill performance. Our skilled chef will prepare sumptuous seafood and prime meat dishes, filling the air with the enticing aroma of grilled delights. Throughout dinner, a knowledgeable sommelier will offer exquisite wine pairings, complementing each course. Immerse yourself in this sensory feast, surrounded by nature's embrace and the enchanting ambiance of our vine-covered terrace—a celebration of island flavours expertly crafted for your enjoyment.


Farm fresh

In Bali, terraced rice paddies dressed in velvet green, lush groves of banana trees and plantations rich with coffee tell the story of the island’s agricultural heritage. That same abundance is replicated at our own Farm Garden, where we grow exotic herbs, fruits and vegetables. Discover more with our knowledgeable Botanical Guru.