Matsuhisa Paris

Under the expert eye of Chef Hideki Endo and his team of sushi masters, Matsuhisa Paris brings a highly contemporary vision of Japanese cuisine.
Chef Endo also uses exquisite delicacies originating from France to create dishes such as seaweed tacos with black truffle, crispy oysters with caviar and Wagyu beef ravioli with foie gras. All dishes are enhanced by a selection of sake and cocktails designed to pair perfectly with Nobu’s culinary masterpieces.

A word 

from our Chef

Born on the Japanese island of Hokkaido, Hideki Endo grew up learning everything there is to know about hospitality and service.
His family ran a hotel and his father was a chef, so it was no surprise when young Hideki fell in love with the art of cooking. For nine years he trained as a sushi master in the city’s finest establishments.
In 2006 he joined Nobu for the opening of the Hong Kong InterContinental. Now Executive Chef at Matsuhisa Paris, Hideki Endo is playing his part in bringing Nobu Matsuhisa’s take on Japanese cuisine to a French audience.

Opening hours

Open every day from 12pm until midnight

Lunch: 12pm - 3pm (kitchen open until 2.30pm)
Closed for lunch on Sundays, Brunch of La Cuisine instead

Dinner: 7pm - midnight (kitchen open until 11pm)

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